Studio 737 Art Gallery Ltd.

109006 Hwy #7,
RR#3 TWEED, Ontario

After needed renovations the Gallery has reopened on weekends - call 613-827-8418.  Works by over 100 artists and artisans are on display.

NEW PHONE NUMBER: 613-827-8418
EMAIL JOE: (answers messages every night)




If you have passed by our Gallery during the past 1 1/2 years, you may have noticed that the "CLOSED & FOR SALE" signs on the property were still being displayed?  We've had a few dozen interested parties wanting to purchase the entire property and for 'whatever reasons' the sales have not taken place?  The biggest stumbling block has been, that most interested purchasers have not had the 40% down payment required by the Banks on a Residential/Commercial Property.  One buyer was planning to turn the place into a warehouse, another, a car dealership,  hopefully, that isn't going to happen, as we really would prefer it to continue as an art gallery!  Most of you, receiving this invitation, as our past customers, know the effort that both of us put into running the Studio 737 Art Gallery during those past 30 years (out of Canada's 150 years).  Yes, Studio 737 had, perhaps, upon its closing, been at it longer than any other art gallery here in Canada with the same owners the entire time.  Well, we have decided to add to that record by opening up the gallery again just in time for Canada's 150th Birthday celebration!

What convinced us to do this is that a number of  our previous customers, or would be customers, continued to stop while the gallery was having 'Open House sales' by Realtor, asking when it would be reopened.  Also we discovered, we just aren't ready for retirement as yet, and since the buildings are vacant, and artists are looking for places to exhibit, we might as well continue running it until a new buyer comes forward!  

Many of your favourite artists will be returning and we are also adding some new artists as well.   This time we will be running the place by ourselves and  therefore, will only do so on a weekend basis, or holidays and hopefully, will be able to accommodate your art purchases, as before.   At the moment our website, is still under construction, so please be patient.

Friday & Saturday 10am to 5pm
Sunday & Holidays 12pm to 5pm


See you soon! 

Arja Palonen & Joe Kurek