Born in 1959, Ron Plaizier grew up in rural Quebec in Chateauguay Valley on the south shore of the St. Lawrence River.  Ron's mother, Rita, was a local artisan, well know for her work in soap stone carving, needlework and egg etchings.  Says Ron: "My mother was never idle with her hands, constantly creating something and quite often working on multiple projects at a time and it's her creative drive that I've fortunately inherited from her."  Ron later moved to Ontario to start a family with his wife Judy and now have two grown up sons, Justin and Kyle. 

It was his love, shared equally by his family, for the outdoors, canoeing and kayaking that helped develop his keen sense of observation and attention to detail.  It wasn't until his late thirties however that he would apply those skills initially to create detailed wildfowl carving using wood and acrylics as his medium.  Competing professionally in Ontario at various Wildfowl Carving competitions, Ron won numerous events for his creations.  "Working in the 3-dimensional art form forced me to develop an intimate understanding of wildfowl anatomy and detail". 

Ron now works primarily in the 2-dimensional art form of painting using acrylics on canvas or mason board and specializes in capturing meticulous detail with a balance of artistic composition, balance and lighting that results in work that captures the viewer's attention and lures them in.


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