I was born in Denmark in 1925, Denmark is in Northern Europe, bordering the Baltic Sea and the North Sea, on a peninsula north of Germany (Jutland); it also includes two major islands (Sjaeland and Fyn). 

Denmark was once the seat of Viking raiders. I grew up on a small farming and fishing village in Horne on the island of Fyn. Horne was established in the Viking Age and was once Denmark's biggest village.
This accounts for the size of the church, which is Denmark's only round church outside Bornholm. Horne is a very picturesque little village. At the time it also had two beautiful Wind Mills. Many homes had
thatched roofs; the newer ones had red tile roofs. The narrow streets and the village pond attracted artists to come and paint. Today, the Danes claim that, on the Isle of Fyn, lies a wonderful garden, where
grain grows right to the shoreline. This lovely spot contains beautiful green fields that are dotted with small towns rich with history and wonderful people. Fyn is indeed a refuge from busy life in the cities that
lie not far away. Known as the 'Garden of Denmark', Fyn (Funen) has some of Denmark's most picturesque and historic castles and manor houses, set in age-old parks and gardens.

Odense is famous as the birthplace of the great fairytale writer Hans Christian Andersen (1805-1875). Fyn (Funen) is connected to Jutland by bridges. I was the oldest of twelve children and as soon as I finished
public school at the age of fourteen I went to work as a farm hand on one of the local farms. I grew up around fishing boats and farms I guess that explains my love of the countryside and the sea. Horses were
still the main means of transportation and for working the fields. Most of my working time was spent driving a team of horses, ploughing or haying. I wanted to join the many artists painting the village, the
farmers at work and the fishermen with their boats and nets. A seed had been planted and from then on, it was my ambition to be like them, painting the things I know and love to the best of my ability. I started
painting at an early age in my native Denmark where I studied under well known Danish artist Zarus Nielsen. The Germans occupied Denmark on the 9th of April 1940 and did not leave until the war ended. That's when I felt it was time for me to go and see the world.

I left Denmark and served in the British army for two and a half years. Stationed in India for most of that time, I had the privilege to be there when India gained their independence. At the end of my services I married Audrey, an English girl who
followed me to Denmark. After serving two years as a prison guard in Denmark my family had grown to three I decided to immigrate to Canada. Our daughter Linda was one year old the day we landed in Halifax in 1951. I studied in the evenings
for three years at Ontario College of Art (OCA) attending classes under John Alfsen and George Pepper.

 I studied a further three years under different teachers through the famous art school. I have painted full time since 1972 and prefer to paint on location, to capture the immediate response to a scene in nature. I hope to convey these feelings to the
viewer, painting oil and water colours in a loose impressionistic style. All these years and right up to now I have tried to live up to my ambition to my true love in life.

In 1973 we settled down near Tweed and I had my own studio and began painting full time. That was 35 years ago and I have never looked back. It has been a wonderful life, a world full of beautiful people and places to paint. I am happy to say
most of my works have found their way into fine homes,
public places here in Canada, and in many other countries.

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