May 1st. 1935, Bussem, The Netherlands


Jake's participation in Fine Arts has been from childhood. After attending public school Jake often detoured purposely through an industrial area near his home in order to watch and observe artists at work in a small commercial art shop. 

At the age of 16, Jake and his family left The Netherlands, immigrating to Canada for a new life. Jake celebrated his 17th. birthday while in transit on a Dutch, East Indies liner named 'The Sibajak', landing in Quebec City on May 5th. 1952. 

Arriving in Canada, Jake immediately continued his education, including art courses at several Ontario Colleges, Technical Schools, University of Toronto and attending Fine Art workshops with many prominent Canadian and U.S. artists as often as time allowed. 

For the exception of about 6 years, during which Jake obtained a Certificate in Criminology from the University of Toronto, or attending other Law Enforcement related courses, his avocation remained steadfastly working and studying Fine Art. Always attending Fine Art courses, workshops, painting outdoors and indoors throughout North America, as well as many other countries.


The Netherlands:



John Gould

Jack Reid Gery Puley
Tom Cayley Tom La Piere Alex Millar
Peter Maw Fred Schomberger Zoltan Szabo
Oswald Timmas Devona Paquette Peter Van Gills
Glen Urquart Don Fraser Brian Atteo
Ron Leonard Brent Heighton  


Frank Webb

Dominic DiStephano Claude Croney
Ray Loos Charles Movali Zygmund Jankowski
Betty Lou Schlemm Margery Soroka Barbara Neches
Christopher Schink Alex Powers Wm. B. Lawrence
Charles Reid Don Andrews A. Westerman
Wm. Vrscak Tony Couch George Delaney


Obtaining his Canadian Citizenship in 1957 he joined the Royal Canadian Mounted Police that same year as a challenge. On November 4th. he signed a predetermined five year contract, received Regimental #20237, and went through 9 months of training at Regina Depot in "K" Troupe, finishing 4th. in standing. He was transferred to Ottawa sometime in September of 1958, after which Jake purchased his Discharge on December 12th. 1958, which was officially granted on January 22nd. 1959. 

Jake joined the Metropolitan Toronto Police Force on March 9th. 1959, serving over 31 years; 22 years as a Detective, of which 20 years were spent in Intelligence Services controlling organized crime in the Metropolitan Toronto area. 

Jake retired from Police work on August 1st. 1990, to devote all his time to Fine Art.

Jake's early teenage work was mostly related to pencil and charcoal work, in portraits and life drawing. Later the work developed towards oil, pastels, acrylic and most other fine art mediums in the realistic as well as abstract work. Jake spent some years working mainly in Oil Monotype, and enjoyed some success working the technique in a transparent style. It was following this period that Jake started to concentrate on Watercolour, which has now become his love. 

Since going public in 1970 at the Toronto City Hall Show, (then managed by Jack Pollock et-al), Jake has had many SOLO Exhibitions, and participated in many Juried and other Group shows, winning a number of awards. 

In 1991 Jake had one of his original Indian Charcoal portraits, (Chief Joseph) accepted in the Indian Museum of North America, Crazy Horse, S.D., U.S.


Jake's philosophy on Fine Art has always been consistent. "The Human Element" is the Artist's soul and personality. "It is the Artist". Jake feels it is therefore ESSENTIAL that this element of the Artist is represented in the Artist's work.


Jake has worked many Fine Art Mediums and Forms during his career; such as Oil, Pastel, Charcoal, Acrylic, Watercolour, Wood, Metal; as well as a variety of forms; such as Brush, Knife, Print, Sculpt, Woodburning, etc. Presently Watercolour medium is prominent.


Since Jake's retirement in 1990, his previous Art avocation has become a full time vocation in Fine Art, including Demonstrating, Teaching, and some Jurying, in the Educational, and Art Communities.

SOLO AND DUO (over 50)

Jake's SOLO exhibitions have been well received, and he has developed a very loyal following.

Jake's work can be found in several commercial galleries in Ontario. 

Jake loves the Canadian Shield which is often expressed in his art works, as well as many different Northern scenes, and subjects from all over the Globe. 

Jake first received some artistic recognition in 1964 when a woodburning portrait of the former U.S. President J.F. Kennedy was shown in more than 40 Canadian newspapers from Newfoundland to British Columbia, as well as U.S. Media.




Many unnamed locations such as Bank Centres, Hospitals, Libraries, Theatres, and other locations throughout Canada, U.S. and other continents.


Jake has participated in many Juried and Group Art shows such as:

as well as many other locations such as Hospitals and Art in the Park locations.


Many Corporate Collections across the world. List can be provided for over 50



Jake's works can be found in many Private Collections throughout Canada, North & South America, Europe, Australia, and Asia.


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